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We currently serve children in foster care with both Basic and Therapeutic needs in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston areas. 


We recruit, train, and support foster parents and adoptive parents who are capable of providing a safe, structured, and nurturing environment for children that are removed from their homes. 


We accept abused, neglected, and maladapted children in our nurturing therapeutic families. We work to ensure that their physical, emotional, educational, recreational, and spiritual needs are being met.


In foster care, children are in the custody of the state and you and your Agency works with the CPS with the goal of family reunification.  All children in foster care receive benefits such as Insurance coverage for medical, dental, vision, counseling, therapy and education. Foster Parents receive reimbursement for care provided to children intended to help offset the cost of care, tuition and fees to a state college, vocational, or technical school.


Agape Manor Home can place matching children that are legally free for adoption or children potentially free for adoption (Legal Risk). Adoptive Parents may qualify for adoption subsidy if they adopt a child from the DFPS system. Your Agency will help you in every step of the adoption process including adoptive home study to Legal representation.


This program allows a Kinship caregiver for a child to pursue foster home verification, if they are interested in supporting a child in DFPS conservatorship who is placed in their care. Kinship caregivers temporarily foster the child and later enter into an agreement with the state for a financial assistance program. Subsequently, they may take permanent legal custody of the child. 


A foster / adoptive home study is a written evaluation, prior to the verification of the foster or adoptive home, of the respective parent, Family of the prospective parent(s) part time or full-time household members; and Environment of the foster parent(s) and their family in relation to their ability to meet the child’s needs. Agape manor home provide home study assessments for any potential foster or adoptive parents.

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