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Helping foster children through the holidays

Christmas is in 2 days!! The month went by swiftly, but now comes one of the most spectacular times of the year. Have you thought of ways that you can contribute to our youth in foster care during this holiday season? Here a few ways that you can be supportive during this time.

1. Prepare your foster child to meet new people. Foster children should meet family members in advance so that they aren't faced with an awkward situation or forced to be social when they may not want to.

2. Understand your youth's traditions and values. Try finding out if there was anything particular that the foster child did during the holidays that could help make this one special even though they are not in their normal environment.

3. Be prepared to purchase extra gifts. If your foster child will be participating in gift exchanges or around other children opening gifts be sure to have gifts so that your foster child is able to engage. Don't assume that the other people around will purchase gifts for the foster child.

4. Help make sure that their loved ones are okay.Foster children are away from their family during a special time of the year. Do your best with supporting the foster child with contacting family or making things for parents for when they return home. Foster parents aren't the bad guys, but sometimes children feel like they are. This is an opportunity to let the child you know that you have their best interest and are fully supportive of their decisions.

5. Lastly, show them love, acceptance and be a constant reminder that you are there as the bridge to put their family back together.

Happy Holidays!!

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