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Traits of an Agape Foster or Adoptive Parent

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a Foster or Adoptive Parent? I have compiled a list of 10 traits that many of our Agape Foster and Adoptive Parents have.

  1. Foster and adoptive parents are knowledgeable about the child welfare system and its method of operations.

  2. Foster  and adoptive parents do not personalize the negative behavior of a child.

  3. Foster and adoptive parents function as the center of a team providing services to a child.

  4. Foster and adoptive parents promote professionalism when in conflicting situations with other team members.

  5. Foster and adoptive  parents are organized, keeps records on each child, and documents thoroughly.

  6. Foster and adoptive parents are able to adjust their schedule to meet changing needs of a child.

  7. Foster and adoptive parents can provide training and mentoring to new foster parents.

  8. Foster and adoptive parents can provide emergency respite and intervene with new foster families to avoid disruptions.

  9. Foster and adoptive parents communicates so as to keep the needs of children at the center of decision making.

  10. Foster and adoptive parents understands investigations are a part of the fostering experience and welcomes the process.

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